4YO Kindergarten Program

Our high quality, vibrant and enjoyable four year old program aims to encourage and create confident and capable learners, build children’s life skills, increase their social abilities and foster their joy for learning through our creative play-based curriculum.

Play-based learning is how young children learn best. It helps to build important skills such as language, maths and science concepts; how to respond to emotions and get along with others; and imagination and creativity.

Our educators feed the natural curiosity of children and provide a stimulating environment to help them learn and grow. Using the learning outcomes of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework; Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication, our four year old program nurtures essential social, emotional and independence skills critical for the transition to school.

Our educators work with the children to co-construct learning by extending their interests, scaffolding learning based on each child’s individual needs and goals and supporting children to challenge themselves. There is emphasis on learning through co-operation, collaboration and enjoyment.

Early literacy and numeracy skills are supported through a range of learning experiences and teaching. The children are also offered a range of exciting experiences related to science, community, arts, cooking, gardening and physical education. Through the many experiences provided, the children will develop in all areas, including social and emotional, physical (fine and gross motor), intellectual and language.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Program)

PMP aims to develop a child’s perceptions and understanding of themselves and their world through integration of movement and motor experiences. Multi-sensory activities promoted through the program are designed to develop each child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, short term memory, eye tracking and language skills in a fun way. This is achieved using a variety of equipment during carefully sequenced activities which include running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching and bowling.

PMP is facilitated by our sports coach. This program runs once a week in terms, two, three and four for children attending the four year old program.

To be eligible for the four year old program, children must have turned four years of age on or before April 30 in the year of attendance.

All children accessing three year old kindergarten will transition to four year old kindergarten the following year. Only children who meet the criteria for a second year of four year old kindergarten will be eligible to access an additional year of four year old kindergarten. As a result, it is important for families to carefully consider the best time to enrol their child in kindergarten. Reflect on what age your child will be and when they are likely to be ready to begin school. If you are considering starting your child when they are five years old turning six, rather than when they are four years old turning five, we recommend you start three year old kindergarten two years before your child starts school.

It is important to note that if you decide your child is ‘young’ and not ready for school after one year of four year old kindergarten, your child will not automatically receive a second year of funded kindergarten. A child will only be eligible to receive a second year of funded four year old kindergarten if they are assessed as having at least two areas of significant developmental delay. Age is not a consideration.

Enrolment Information

Thank you for considering Crossway Preschool for your child’s education. Our preschool takes part in an online centralised registration system, for both 3 and 4 year old enrolments, which is organised by Bayside City Council. For details of the registration process, please see the Council’s website.

If you would like further information about Crossway Preschool, assistance with the enrolment process, or to organise a tour of our facilities, please email us or phone 03 9592 0104 and speak with our friendly staff.