Nature Play (Bush Kinder)

Crossway Preschool offers a Nature Play program that forms part of our Activity group. Nature Play is held all year round, rain or shine, at the beautiful and well maintained Kamesburgh Gardens in Brighton.

The gardens are full of trees, some of which are hundreds of years old, providing a sensory experience and rich learning environment for the children to explore and immerse themselves.

Our Nature Play program gives children the opportunity to spend quality, un-interrupted amounts of time in a natural setting, using only what nature has provided as learning materials, increasing creativity, imagination, divergent thinking skills, collaboration with others and exploration. The children have opportunity to play in the rain and the mud, roll on the wet grass, manipulate sticks, find insects, birds, animals and plants that engage their interest, explore their understanding of the natural world, climb trees, expand their knowledge, build skills, and share these experiences with their friends, families and teachers. Our Nature Play program sees the children develop a respect for the natural environment and learn about the importance of sustainability. It also enables children to learn how to take risks and take care of themselves and others. Nature Play assists to develop children’s confidence, resilience and motivation.

At Nature Play the children take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in nature.